7 Things to Know Before Buying Ink Cartridges

7 Things to Know Before Buying Ink Cartridges

Not quite sure how to buy the correct ink cartridge? This is a common issue with many people who either use printers very less or have replaced cartridges on very few occasions in the past. Be it Epson ink cartridges or any other brand, there are a few things you need to know before buying ink cartridges or replacing your toner.

Here is a list of seven things you must surely know before buying ink cartridges:

Printer type and cartridge type: Knowing the printer type as well as cartridge type is really important. Is your printer a laser printer or an inkjet printer? Does it require a toner cartridge or ink cartridge? While laser printers have a digital printing process, inkjet printers recreate digital images with the help of ink droplets. While toners are ideal for laser printers, Genuine ink cartridges are perfect for inkjet printers.

Ink cartridges are ideal for a variety of surfaces: Since ink cartridges utilise liquid ink, their ink can be easily transferred to the glossy, fabric as well as matte surfaces. Since Canon is one of the best ink printer brands, if you are considering buying canon ink cartridges you can get great discounts from AIS Copiers.

Affordability: Ink cartridges are cheaper than toner cartridges, with less yield per cartridge. The Toner is finely packed in a toner Cartridge to give you, higher yield and better value for money.

Continuous Printing: Toner cartridges are ideal for continuous printing. As the cartridge motion is well-defined, neither the cartridge nor the printer is prone to damage. For the best xerox and photocopier solutions, consider buying Fuji xerox Toner cartridges.

Frequency: If you require printing more often, go only for Genuine Ink cartridges. Genuine Ink cartridges are sturdy and stand the test of time when it comes to frequent printing. Canon ink cartridges are among the best as they provide you with more pages of printout for a single cartridge compared to other cartridges.

Drying Out: One of the reasons for cartridge heads drying out could be less than frequent use. This is because the ink sitting idle evaporates slowly – leading to drying out of the cartridge. If you want to buy fresh Epson Ink cartridges at low prices, buy only from AIS Copiers.

Expiry Dates: All ink cartridges usually have an expiry date. In fact, there is a huge chance your cartridge might be nearing the expiry date. This is true for most Canon ink cartridges and Epson ink cartridges as well. So, if the cartridges you have are out of date, think about getting replacements as some printers will stop due to use by date.

AIS copiers have the finest quality Fuji xerox toner cartridges and Lexmark Toner cartridges available at highly reasonable prices. Select the appropriate cartridges according to your need or contact us for any help while choosing the best cartridge. We also sell high-quality Canon ink cartridges and Epson Ink cartridges. Reach out to us today to know about the latest deals, discounts and offers on Toner and ink cartridges.

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