FujiFilm Apeosport C2060 Printer (20PPM)

“Compact” and “Scalable” …
Colour multifunction device which is compact in size and powerful in its features.

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FujiFilm Apeosport C2060 Printer (20PPM)

“Compact” and “Scalable” …
Colour multifunction device which is compact in size and powerful in its features.

Unleash the full capacity of new ApeosPort series with your business expanding over a period of time.
Direct integration of device with popular cloud services or seamless connectivity with your smartphone, an optimum level of scalability can be achieved as and when required to enhance overall productivity.

Copy / Print: Colour/Monochrome 20 ppm*1
Scan: Colour/Monochrome 55 ppm*2
FAX*3: Super G3 FAX
Printing resolution: 1200 x 2400 dpi
Wireless LAN Supported
Mobile Support
Cloud Interactive
*1: For C2060. 25 ppm for C2560. 30 ppm for C3060
*2: FujiFilm Standard Paper (A4), 200 dpi, to Folder.
*3: Optional.

Easy-to-use 7-inch touch panel
Smartphone-like operation
Adjustable UI panel angle for easy viewing
Support for multiple languages*1
Comes standard with the NFC*2 touch area
Visual and sound notifications
The device uses visual and sound to notify the user of its state. The sound changes depending on the purpose to correctly notify the user of the operation status.
Directly printing from or scanning to USB*3
It is possible to print documents stored on a USB memory or save scanned data to the memory without using a computer.
One touch multiple destination scanning
Multi Send scan allows user to simultaneously perform Scan to PC (SMB/FTP/SFTP), Scan to e-mail and Store & Send Link functions.
2096 sheets paper capacity*4
Small but equipped with a tray that handles paper feed of 500 sheets, bypass tray that handles paper feed of 96 sheets as standard.
Bypass tray that can perform Paper Size Detection and switch paper tray.
You can quickly activate when you want to use it
Set a preset time for device to perform an auto image quality adjustment before your actual daily work starts thus reducing any wait time for machine calibration before first operation.

*1: Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian.
*2: Near Field Communication.
*3: Optional
*4: 80 gsm paper.
Uncompromising Image quality
Image Enhancement processing reproduces diagonal lines and the outlines of characters, which can become jagged when printed, more smoothly.
IReCT*, digital image adjustment technology, minimises colour misregistration.
*: Image Registration Control Technology
Eco friendly
LED print head achieves both high image quality and energy saving.
Smart Energy Save allows you to reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions by distributing power only to the features requested by users.
Environmentally friendly inedible woody biomass plastic is used for some parts.C2560_configs

Various Combinations
1. With 1 Tray Module with Cabinet*1
2. With 3 Tray Module*1
3. Finisher-A2*1
– Staple
4. Finisher-B3, Booklet Maker Unit for Finisher-B3*1
– Staple
– Punch*1
– Saddle Staple*2
– Single Fold*2
5. With Side Tray
Supports distribution output for each of copy, print, and fax jobs
*1: Optional.
*2: Booklet Maker Unit is required. Finisher-B3 makes a crease without folding when performing saddle stapling or single folding.


ApeosPort is equipped with both user-friendliness and security measures
Comprehensive security measures protect your important information against threats such as unauthorised access, information leakage, and data tampering.

User authentication and permissions
Local authentication
Remote authentication
IC card authentication*1
User-specific feature access
Private charge print
Protection of administration functions
Customer engineer operation restrictions
Account Lock against unauthorised access
Default password warning
Protection of communication and data
Communication route encryption SSL/TLS, IPsec
Encryption on scan transmission by SMBv3, SFTP
Scan file encryption / signature
E-mail signature and e-mail encryption (S/MIME)
TLS version limit
Elliptic curve cryptography
Stored document protection in MFD
Encrypting Data Stored on SSD
Use TPM*2 chip for encryption key management
Delete all data on the device
Prevention of setting / operation mistakes
Warnings displayed when using global IP address
Scanned documents to be delivered to fixed destination
Destination reentry
Forced annotations
Hidden text printing*1
Protection of MFD software
Signature verification of software
Remote update restrictions
IP address restriction
Logs and their protection
Image Log*1
UUID printing
Audit Log
Transfer audit log system
*1: Optional.
*2: Trusted Platform Module

Authentication in Azure Active Directory
ApeosPort-VII C2060 devices can integrate with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, a cloud-based identity management service. Azure Active Directory can be used for authenticating to multifunction devices and FujiFilm’s cloud services.

Server-less user authentication
The server-less authentication feature* makes an authentication server unnecessary. Associating user information registered to multifunction devices with the ID information of IC cards makes it possible to share the user information among all multifunction devices connected to a parent device, enabling server-less user authentication on the devices.

*: Optional.

Care Free management

Visualise usage data to reduce costs
Device Log Service* visualises the usage of multifunction devices and printers in an office by displaying usage charts in a web browser. It is also possible to display the usage data on the control panel of a multifunction device. The service requires no dedicated server and makes it possible to increase cost awareness among employees while lightening the burden on system administrators.

*: A cloud service that FujiFilm offers. A subscription to the service is additionally needed.

Easy solutions to help solve problems
From toner replacement to unexpected device failures, most problems can be solved quickly without needing to wait for a customer engineer or sales representative.

Help information accessible from the control panel and mobile devices assist you to solve problems
On the control panel of a multifunction device, you can search for and find ways to fix your problems. You can also view help information on a mobile device by scanning a QR code displayed on the control panel with the mobile device.


Remote Assistance is also available to solve problems with the help of operators
If you cannot solve a problem, contact our call center as required. An operator will remotely access your multifunction device and guide you using a finger pointer or pen function on the UI panel.
3321_remote device
Help you achieve stable device operation
EP-BB, a service offered for free, assists customers to manage the operation of multifunction devices using a broadband network. The service enables quick failure recovery and proactive management of consumables.
Additionally, reports on the usage of each multifunction device are available on request. This service enables efficient and effective use of multifunction devices.

An application from a customer is necessary to start offering this service. This service may not be available depending on the region or contract type.
For details, please contact your local sales representative.
For customers using EP-BB, our customer engineers configure neces sary settings on multifunction devices depending on customers’ needs.
Network costs, including those for broadband networks, are to be paid by customers.


Automated workflows

Multifunction devices learn your habits
ApeosPort- C2060 devices learn your habits — your preferred features, settings, etc. You can also customise the operation screen displayed after authentication to your needs as well as the common operation screen.

Custom home screen and feature list
You can specify the icons (apps) and their arrangement on the home screen or features and their order on lists displayed on job screens with an easy, intuitive operation. You can also hide the features you do not need.
Complete routine tasks with one touch
Your preferred features and settings can be registered to appear on the home screen as one-touch apps. Just tapping a one-touch app completes your routine task.

Fax to Company XX
Registering a recipient prevents misdirected faxes.
Scan application forms
The trouble of specifying a file format or storage destination each time is eliminated.

Support non-routine tasks with high flexibility
Saving the settings as a preset eliminates the trouble of specifying complicated settings each time. Every time the preset is selected, you can tailor the settings to the preferences at that time, which streamlines your work process.

Translate documents just like copying
The Scan Translation Service* allows you to translate paper documents while maintaining the original layout just by scanning these documents. Digital documents sent from computers via the Internet are also supported.

Note: Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Malay are supported.
*: A cloud service that FujiFilm offers. A subscription to the service is additionally needed.
Copy an ID card on one side of a sheet
With the ID Card Copy feature, both sides of an ID card, such as a driver’s licence card or health insurance card, can be printed aligned with each other on one side of a sheet. You can also enlarge the images to get a better view of them.

Automate scan processes for regular work tasks
Using the Scan Delivery* automates the process of scanning and saving documents to predefined destinations according to the rules specified for each task or document type, eliminating the need to manually specify file names or formats and perform OCR processing*. You can also extract characters from certain areas of a document and use them for the folder or file name.

*: Optional.


Use of QR codes and barcodes
The Scan Delivery scans a QR code or barcode printed in the header or body of a document and automatically processes it based on the scan results.

Automate scan processes for individual users
ScanAuto* makes it possible to automatically optimise scan settings depending on the document orientation, sides to scan, etc. When the Authentication feature is used, the destination is automatically set to the authenticated user’s address.

*: Only supported by C2060..
Fax settings that lead to reduced waste and higher efficiency
By configuring the Paperless Fax settings, you can store received faxes in folders so that only necessary faxes are printed after being checked on the control panel. Faxes can also be forwarded to your smartphone. With an optional kit, you can also sort them by fax number, received date, or person in charge and switch the behaviour of a multifunction device. With one touch, you can change the setting to forward incoming faxes by email, which allows you to check them from outside the office.

Minimising paper output
Checking incoming faxes outside the office
Automatic sorting and forwarding
Changing the behaviour of a multifunction device when a fax is received depending on the time of day

Automated workflows

Your smartphone is now a control panel
Using Portable UI for Business* allows you to send a copy, fax, or scan job to an ApeosPort C2060 device with an iOS or AndroidTM smartphone at no additional cost.
This makes it possible to start the job just by holding the smartphone near the NFC touch area.

Note: A wireless communication network connected to an access point is required.
*: Can be downloaded from Google PlayTM or AppStore for free.

Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct make multifunction devices wireless
Being wireless-enabled, ApeosPort C2060 devices can be installed anywhere in your office. The devices accept print or scan jobs sent from laptops or smartphones*1, realising more flexible working. Supported wireless printing features include Print Utility, AirPrint, and Mopria® Print Service.

Print Utility*2
This app enables a user to start a print or scan job just by holding a smartphone over the NFC touch area, saving the trouble of specifying from which multifunction device a document is to be printed or scanned.

*1: Available only when the multifunction device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
*2: Can be downloaded from Google PlayTM or AppStore for free.

No need to queue up for printing
Server-less On-Demand Print* allows you to release a print job from a multifunction device other than the one specified when the job was submitted if the device is being used by another person, eliminating the need to wait for your turn.

*: Optional.
Secure, high capacity cloud storage
With Working Folder*, so long as you have an Internet connection, you can access and use documents from anywhere, anytime. Seamlessly integrating with multifunction devices, DocuWorks, and mobile devices, Working Folder allows you to make maximum use of documents. For example, it is possible to print a document stored in Working Folder from the control panel of a multifunction device or to upload scanned data with a specified name to Working Folder and send an email notification.

*: A cloud service that FujiFilm offers. A subscription to the service is additionally needed.3321_secure_cloud_storage

Securely and easily printing a document even from outside the office
With Cloud On-Demand Print*, you can upload a document to a cloud server from a computer or mobile device and print the document from a multifunction device outside the office using an ID and password without a special printer driver. This eliminates the need to bring paper documents, preventing data loss.

*: A cloud service that FujiFilm offers. A subscription to the service is additionally needed.

Centralised cloud integration
Cloud Service Hub* achieves single sign-on across cloud storage services. This enables you to save a scanned document to cloud storage directly from a multifunction device and search for a document to print across multiple cloud storage services. Text in a scanned document can be captured through OCR, which allows you to do a full-text search.

*: A cloud service that FujiFilm offers. A subscription to the service is additionally needed.


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