FujiFilm DocuPrint 3505d Printer A3 BW(38PPM)


FujiFilm DocuPrint 3505d Printer A3 BW(38PPM)

A3-A4 Compact & dependable, perfect for handling demanding jobs

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FujiFilm DocuPrint 3505d Printer A3 BW(38PPM)


A3-A4 Compact & dependable, perfect for handling demanding jobs

Caters to your needs for shared printing at offices and also for distributed printing from mission-critical systems, powerfully and speedily.

DocuPrint 4405 d: 45 ppm
DocuPrint 3505 d: 38 ppm

  • 2-line Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi connectivity*




Compact and Quiet

Compact and durable

This light-weight machine is capable of A3 monochrome printing. Compact and low-profile, yet capable of printing high volume with the engine offering high performance and high durability.

Compact & Quiet

High Print Quality

Achieves 1200 dpi high resolution output

To realise compactness and high image quality, LED printhead is equipped with high-performance light emitting device. Newly developed self-scanning light emitting device, CCSLED*, achieves high resolution output at 1200 x 1200 dpi with consistent light volume, realising compactness and power-saving capability at the same time.

*Current confinement Self-Scanning Light Emitting Device.

Seamless and smooth reproduction

Super EA-Eco Toner

Industry-best minuscule particle “Super EA-Eco Toner” delivers high-quality, high-resolution print output to users. Seeing is believing: even the smallest letters are clear & sharp, one lines always crisp. Also, the machine is capable of printing half-tones smoothly and seamlessly.

High Performance

Supports a wide range of paper types

This versatile machine enables printing on a wide range of paper, envelopes, and cards of various sizes and thicknesses (60 to 220 gsm). Be it thin, standard paper through to recycled or heavier paper, no problem, the choice is yours. The standard tray, optional 250/550 Sheet Feeder, and optional Face Up Tray* provide this flexibility. No more worries about the type of paper you use.

Note: It is recommended that users verify in advance if the machine can handle certain items that use special paper stock (such as preprinted documents, shipping slips, open style postcards).

* Enables stable printing on special paper stock (such as heavier papers and envelopes) with straight paper path.

Straight paper path

Massive capacity: Maximum 2300 sheets*

Massive capacity

1. Bypass Tray (100 Sheets)
2. Standard Tray (550 Sheets*)
3. 550 Sheet Feeder (optional)
4. 550 Sheet Feeder (optional)
5. 550 Sheet Feeder (optional)

Note: Paper feeding capacity is based on 64 gsm paper.

* On DocuPrint 4405 d. Standard Tray capacity for DocuPrint 3505 d is 250 sheets and enables a maximum paper feeding capacity of 2000 sheets.


Easy to print by just using your smart phone

Wired LAN environments and wireless LAN environments* can be utilised simultaneously. Even when guests or private mobile devices cannot access the in-house intranet, printing is possible by accessing Wi-Fi network.

* Optional Wireless LAN Kit is required for Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi Direct connection.

Easy to print by just using your smart phone

User-friendly “Print Utility*”; application

FujiFilm Print Utility enables users to print documents stored on mobile devices. Perfect for fast-moving mobile workers who need to print out something while on the move or visiting your office. Convenient access to printing is at your fingertips when needed. The machine also supports AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and Mopria Print Service.

* Free application provided by FujiFilm.
Print Utility for iOS can be downloaded from the App Store free of charge.
Print Utility for Android can be downloaded from Google Play free of charge.

Print Utility / AirPrint / Google Cloud Print / Mopria Print Service Logo


Reduce risk of hard-copy leaks

For higher security, Private Charge Print is possible with these machines to facilitate confidential and controlled handling of sensitive hard-copy material. Also with the optional Authentication Adapter with Touch Panel, the printing job menu is displayed only after IC card authentication* takes place. The touch panel also allows users to simply & efficiently select or cancel print jobs, or change the number of copies at will.
Enhanced security and peace of mind.

* Optional Authentication Adapter with Touch Panel and HDD Extension Kit are required. Users can be authenticated by using the touch panel as well as the IC card reader.

Reduce risk of hard-copy leaks

Great connectivity: Dual network capability*

Linking the printer to two Ethernet networks simultaneously is now achievable. Printing can be done from either one of two completely independent networks. Multiple users can use the same printer but, networks can be kept separate. Great if you want to use one printer across two networks but, still want to keep networks discrete from each other for confidentiality or other reasons.

* Optional Secondary Ethernet Kit is required.

Dual network capability


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