5 Things You Should Know About Large Format Printing

5 Things You Should Know About Large Format Printing

Large format printing is extensively used by businesses to create captivating marketing material. There are several advantages of large format printing that make it a popular choice. With this technique of printing, it is possible to create vivid and attractive graphics that make your business stand out. With captivating marketing material, you can get the message across to your target audience and give your business a competitive edge. If you are planning to use large format printing for your next campaign, there are a few important things that you should know.

The Process of Large Format Printing

The process of large format printing is quite similar to that of digital printing and this makes it the ideal option for colour prints. In this method, the ink is directly used on the product and this lends an authentic feel. The entire process is quick and businesses can come up with superior quality images.

The Printers Used For Large Format Printing

The printers that are generally used include flatbed printers, roll-to-roll printers or a combination of both of these. The flatbed printer is suitable for businesses that want to directly print on thicker substrates.

The roll-to-roll printer is used for banners, canvas or flexible materials. The printer is perfect for long runs of flexible materials so that the process can be streamlined and printing is faster.

Ways to Get the Best Finish

In large format printing, preparing the file is an essential task as it impacts the final output. While designing the file, businesses need to remember that the maximum width of most large format printers is 61” or less.  The length depends on the material that is being used.

In order to get clear and crisp print results, make sure to use the highest resolution file. This will ensure that the quality of the print is not hampered when it is enlarged.

Products Required For Large Format Printing

Large format printing is versatile and can be used as the printing process for different types of marketing materials. It is widely used for banners, point of purchase displays, floor graphics, signage, wall graphics, posters and more.

The Benefits of Large Format Printing

There are several benefits of using large format printing for your projects. It offers the advantage of having a large area to display your advertising content along with the advantage of UV cured ink that makes the creation durable. This helps to protect it from the elements of weather like rain, heat and sunlight. Moreover, businesses have the flexibility to print on different types of substrates.

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